2014 Historic Year for Revenue, Tonnage at the Port of Vancouver USA

Steel, Wind Energy and Grains See Largest Increases

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Hard work and strategic investments during the nation’s continued economic recovery helped the Port of Vancouver USA make 2014 the best revenue and tonnage year in its 103-year history.

The port reported a record $37.5 million in operating revenue in 2014, an increase of 25 percent over 2013. Tonnage – total import and export cargo – was at 6.6 million metric tons, a 47 percent increase from 2013.

“This was a banner year for the Port of Vancouver,” said port CEO Todd Coleman. “We couldn’t have done it without the support of our tenants, operators, labor, citizens, employees and our commission.”

Exports: Grain takes the cake

Overall exports moving through the Port of Vancouver were up 37 percent in 2014. The port’s largest export by volume is grain: corn, soybeans and wheat. Combined, those commodities increased by 53 percent to 2.59 million metric tons. Corn exports increased by 115 percent, soybeans were up 89 percent and wheat was up 31 percent.

United Grain Corp. moves the majority of grain at the Port of Vancouver. For years, the company has partnered with the port to invest in infrastructure and facilities that support a competitive and growing global grain market.

Imports: Steel, wind and Subarus

Overall imports were up an impressive 118 percent in 2014. Much of the increase was fueled by huge gains in steel and wind energy components, which require the Port of Vancouver’s unique equipment capabilities and laydown space.

Steel slabs, a new commodity for the port in 2014, took total steel import tonnage to 590,170 metric tons – a massive increase of 495 percent over 2013.  Wind energy components, such as towers and blades, were up 234 percent. Continuing a trend of steady growth, Subaru of America imported 81,718 vehicles through the port in 2014. That’s an increase of 18 percent over 2013.

Productive ports, strong communities

Ports drive economic growth and are a reflection of general economic health at the local, regional and national levels. More cargo moving through the Port of Vancouver and busy tenants mean more local jobs, industry and buying power. About 2,300 people come to work on Port of Vancouver property each day, and their employment supports an additional 17,000 jobs in the region.

The port and its tenants also pay taxes, helping support economic development and providing valuable community services.

Continued growth, new legacies in 2015

This year looks just as bright as 2014. The port expects continued business growth as customers and tenants capitalize on strategic investments the port made in rail, docks and other infrastructure throughout the recession.

Tenants expanding in 2015 include Subaru of America and Sunlight Supply Inc./National Garden Wholesale. Subaru is adding 15,000 square feet to its current facility to support new sales growth and future goals. Sunlight Supply plans to build a 285,000-square-foot facility at the port’s Centennial Industrial Park to consolidate its operations in Southwest Washington.

The port is also undertaking a historic development at Terminal 1, its birthplace on the Columbia River. Known as the Waterfront Legacy Project, the development may include a mixed-use building, new hotel and public attractions on the waterfront. The port is currently working with consultants to determine feasibility and develop a master plan for the site.


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