Background for Associate Members

The Washington Public Ports Association represents 69 of the 75 port districts throughout the state of Washington.  These districts offer a wide range of services, including marine terminals, barge facilities, industrial development, tourism promotion, marinas, airports and railroads.

The WPPA serves as a link, networking all ports in a cooperative effort to share information and address issues such as our global economy/international trade and regional economic development.

Associate Members and the WPPA

Two major WPPA meetings are held each year: the WPPA Annual Meeting and the WPPA Spring Meeting.  At these events, Associate Members are given many opportunities to network with port officials.  They are also encouraged to attend general sessions to learn more about the port industry.  During these two conferences, at a special evening reception designed to honor our Associate Members, time is provided for Associate Members to highlight and to exhibit their products/services.Associate Members are also given the opportunity for further exposure by sponsoring a particular event at either the Annual or Spring Meeting.

Another benefit for WPPA Associate Members is our Associate Members’ Port Directory.  This guide is provided to WPPA member ports throughout the state and includes a summary on each WPPA Associate Member and services provided.

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