Bylaws for Associate Members

Individuals, business firms, and industries with a bona fide interest in the aims and goals of the Washington Public Ports Association may be accepted as “Associate Members.”  Application for such membership shall be made on forms available from the Association and shall be subject to approval by the Executive Committee.  Such membership shall entitle the member at a general membership meeting to the full privilege of recognition and discussion from the floor but shall not include voting on issues before the membership.  The annual dues for associate members shall be established by the Executive Committee.

Associate members shall be dropped from membership for non-payment of dues after 60 days from date of notice of dues payable unless otherwise determined by the Executive Committee, or for sufficient cause as determined by the Executive Committee.  Associate members may withdraw from membership upon 60 days notice in writing; PROVIDING, HOWEVER, that withdrawal shall not be cause for refund of dues paid or relief of payment of dues theretofore levied.

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