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I hereby apply for admission of the above named person/organization as an Associate Member of the Washington Public Ports Association subject to membership requirements and privileges as stated in Article II of the Bylaws of the Association adopted December 7, 1962 and as last amended May 24, 1991.

It is acknowledged that associate membership entitles such member to the full privilege of recognition and discussion from the floor at general membership meetings but does not include the privilege of voting on issues before the membership.

I agree to pay, upon receipt of statement, annual dues in the amount of $425, $600, $950 or $1500 (dependent on the number of employees my organization has); PROVIDED, That first year dues shall be pro-rated on a monthly basis, according to date membership begins.

I desire this membership be be effective beginning (note that all applications must be approved by the WPPA Executive Committee before they can be effective):

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