APRIL 13, 2017



Port of Edmonds awarded $10,000 tourism promotion grant

Port of Edmonds, April 12, 2017, My Edmonds News

The Port of Edmonds has been awarded a special $10,000 funding grant from the Port of Seattle to promote Edmonds as a preferred tourist destination.

“The Port of Edmonds already has established strong brand recognition in boating and tourism: ‘Your Homeport Advantage and Choice Destination: Quality, Service, Value, Convenience,’” the port said in announcing the award. “Meanwhile, the port has been
aggressively implementing a marketing plan that emphasizes tourism as a core strategic imperative with dollar multipliers that strengthen the local economy of Edmonds.

For example, the Port of Edmonds partnered with Puget Sound Express to operate whale-watching excursions out of the port’s marina starting in 2015. Puget Sound Express is now in its third year, and this year expects to bring more than 15,000 new visitors to Edmonds.

Read more here:  http://myedmondsnews.com/2017/04/port-of-edmonds-awarded-10000-tourism-promotion-grant/




US NW Port Alliance delivers operational, financial benefits

Bill Mongelluzzo, April 12, 2017, JOC.com

After one year of operating as a single entity rather than as two ports competing for the same customers, the Northwest Seaport Alliance of Seattle and Tacoma is realizing financial as well as operational benefits, CEO John Wolfe said Tuesday.

Wolfe told a luncheon sponsored by the Pacific Merchant Shipping Association in Long Beach that by forming a single “company” that plans, builds, and markets the strengths of the Puget Sound gateway, Seattle and Tacoma together are better able to compete with other gateways in Canada, California, and the East Coast for Pacific Rim cargo.

Wolfe noted that regional ports across the country are looking at ways they can cooperate in order to do what is best for their particular region. Some may choose a strategy that does not go as far as Seattle and Tacoma went in forming a single company that plans, develops, prices, and funds its facilities. The Georgia and Virginia ports, for example, formed a cooperative agreement that maintains completely separate port authorities.

Read more here:  http://www.joc.com/port-news/us-ports/northwest-alliance-delivers-operational-financial-benefits_20170412.html




FMC approves East Coast Gateway Agreement

MarEx, April 12, 2017, The Maritime Executive

The Federal Maritime Commission has granted its final approval for the East Coast Gateway Terminal Agreement, a landmark cooperation mechanism for the port authorities of Georgia and Virginia.

The two authorities filed a petition with the FMC for the pact on February 24, and the commission took 45 days to perform a review. Under the terms of the agreement, the two authorities will now be able to share specific types of operational and commercial information. Like the Northwest Seaport Alliance (NWSA) of the Port of Seattle and Port of Tacoma, the East Coast Gateway arrangement will help the authorities to coordinate their efforts and attract business in a highly competitive market; however, unlike the NWSA, it does not involve merging the authorities’ marine cargo operations.

“The agreement enables Georgia and Virginia to work together to find ways to become more efficient and effective,” said Virginia Ports Authority CEO and executive director John Reinhart. “We are making significant investments at our respective ports to handle the larger vessels and cargo volumes coming to the East Coast. Now we will begin discussing about how to best leverage these assets, collectively and position Georgia and Virginia as the East Coast’s primary cargo gateways.”

Read more here:  http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/fmc-approves-east-coast-gateway-agreement



Quilcene marina concerns:  Panel seeks action by Port of Port Townsend

Cydney McFarland, April 13, 2017, Peninsula Daily News

Residents of Quilcene have formed a committee to bring their issues concerning the Herb Beck Marina to Port of Port Townsend officials.

The Linger Longer Committee, named after the road that connects the small town of Quilcene to the Herb Beck Marina, has had three meetings with about 16 community members coming out to share the issues they’d like to see port officials address, members said.

“Our group represents a wide array of Quilcene residents and stakeholders, including Coast Seafoods, adjacent land owners, local fishermen and families who depend on the facilities for many aspects of their daily lives,” said committee member Heather Burns.

Read more here:  http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/quilcene-marina-concerns-panel-seeks-action-by-port-of-port-townsend/


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