Dredging Resolution Agreement Authorized For Port of Clarkston

By Sophie Miraglio, June 7, 2013, KLEW

The Port of Clarkston made a move towards dredging at their meeting Thursday.

A resolution was authorized for the Port of Clarkston to enter in an agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for dredging. Port of Clarkston, Manager, Wanda Keefer said this allows for sediment sampling in all four proposed dredging regions.

“They want to make absolutely certain that the sediment is going to be clean before they re-deposit it,” said Keefer. “And the plan is to deposit it in a way that will enhance the habitat for the endangered and threatened species of fish.”

The Corps of Engineers is still undecided whether to dredge or not. To dredge all four areas is estimated to cost more than 200,000, all of which is paid for by operation and lease revenues from the port.

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