Energy Projects Eye Port of Longview

Columbia River Ports in Energy Spotlight

Longview, WA– Within the last five years, the Columbia River has seen overwhelming development interest related to the nation’s active energy market. Like nearly all of its counterparts on the Columbia River, the Port of Longview has seen its fair share of energy-related proposals.

“This is what we do – Washington’s ports were designed as our communities’ business agents to evaluate opportunities for economic growth,” said Port of Longview Chief Executive Officer Geir Kalhagen. “This project is not the first and it certainly won’t be the last to be presented to the Port of Longview.”

In February this year, the Port of Longview provided the Columbia Riverkeeper documents related to an energy proposal received by the Port last year. Today the Columbia Riverkeeper released a statement about that proposal from a developer who was interested in locating a low-sulfur refinery at the Port in early 2014 – a proposal that went dormant shortly thereafter. Other documents released by the Columbia Riverkeeper include a proposed Memorandum of Understanding, which was never signed by either party.

Each proposal presented to the Port is thoroughly vetted for economic, community and additional impacts prior to being presented to the elected Board of Commissioners, who ultimately decide on lease documents related to long-term projects.

While the original proposal from 2014 was not further developed, the Port continues to work with Riverside Energy.


Link to Columbia Riverkeeper statement and related documents click

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