Heathman Lodge, Vancouver
September 21 and 22, 2017

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

8:30      Breakfast

9:00     Welcome

9:15     Identifying and Pursuing Potentially Liable Parties in a MTCA Cleanup

Identifying the owners of liability can be the key to a successful Model Toxics Control Act clean-up project.  One imagines a tangle of conflicting histories and legal ownership that causes headaches while yielding limited results.  Travis Zandi from SoundEarth Strategies and Mark Nadler from Nadler Law Group will share their experience identifying and compelling partners in this work.

10:25   Do You ECAP?  Evolving Environmental Compliance Programs

As we know, ports can be held responsible for environmental liabilities even if they are not the original source of a problem.  Environmental audits of tenants are a tool available to manage this risk, but they pose their own challenges.  What is our experience using this tool?  How has it affected relationships with our tenants?  What results have been achieved?  Brian Gouran (Bellingham) and Stephanie Jones-Stebbins (Seattle) will share their experiences.

Noon   Luncheon Keynote:  Building Trust: Exposing Barriers to Success

Lori Eberly brings her sharp diagnosis of organizational dysfunction as well as her sense of humor to bear on a problem we all know too well.  Be prepared to see yourself and your team (too?) clearly and to laugh out loud.

1:30     Columbia River Deepening – A new DMMP

The Corps of Engineers is working with the States of Oregon and Washington to establish a Dredged Material Management Program (DMMP) for the ongoing maintenance of the Columbia River’s navigation channel.  Derek Coleman (Anchor QEA) will present the status of these discussions and look ahead to issues that will need the attention of ports.

2:30     Break

3:00     Sea Level Rise through a SEPA lens

As a changing climate begins to affect coastal facilities, decision-makers are being asked to consider the effects of sea level rise on new projects.  In this presentation, Pam Xander from SoundEarth Strategies and Ann Farr will show how lead agencies are addressing sea level rise in new SEPA analyses.  Based on their experience implementing SEPA, they will share their thoughts on the questions port should consider asking in their analyses.

4:00     Outreach: Translating “Enviro-speak into English”

We all know the look we get when we say “mot-kah” or “jarpah” in public.  But there is hope we can avoid these confused glances.  Communicating complex issues in clear, simple and honest terms to the public and decision-makers is a skill that can be learned.  Lisa Lefeber (Everett), Mike Hogan (Bellingham), and Ashley Helenberg (Longview) will share the tricks of the trade.

5:30     Hosted Dinner

Friday, September 22, 2017

8:30     Breakfast

9:00     Building Strong Tribal Relationships

“Working with tribal governments is different than working within our own communities.  Building trust through long-term relationships is critically important.  Understanding how to think about the world from the perspective of our tribal neighbors is a step to success.  Marty Loesch is a consultant in private practice.  He served as Governor Gregoire’s Chief of Staff and was the Chief Operating Officer at Strategies 360.  Diana Bob, is an attorney with Stoel Rives advising clients on natural resources, environmental, water rights and Indian law matters.”

10:00   Break

10:15   Legislative Sessions: 2016 Highlights and 2017 Challenges

Gerry O’Keefe, WPPA’s Senior Director of Environmental Affairs offers a take on ports recent successes and the issues that will keep us busy in the year ahead.

10:45  Show Me Something Cool!

**Each port in attendance presents a 2 minute PowerPoint sharing cool stuff about any environmentally related project**

11:30   Wrap up and Adjourn

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