Environmental Seminar Presentations

It’s Hot In Here!
Hedia Adelsman, Dept. of Ecology (in place of Keith Phillips)

Planning For Sea Level Rise
Alex Smith, Port of Olympia

So It’s Warmer, Why Worry?
Lisa Graumlich, Dean, UW College of the Environment

Cleanup, Habitat, Resiliency and Climate
Tony Warfield, Port of Tacoma
Graham Anderson, Port of Everett
Matt Harding, Port of Vancouver

We’re Thirsty, Where’s The Water?
Greg Delwiche, Bonneville Power Administration

Environmental Benefits of Railex & Walla Walla Airport Wine Incubators
Paul Gerola, Port of Walla Walla

What Can We Do to Make a Difference?
Ross Macfarlane, Climate Solutions

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