Grant RFP for Derelict Vessel Prevention Efforts

San Juan County has been asked by the Washington State Puget Sound Partnership (PSP) to assist entities which deal with or are concerned about the prevention of vessels becoming derelict in their areas. Training and program support will be offered to 5 to 6 entities for start-up and operations.

The program in San Juan County works to prevent, as well as remove, derelict vessels in the county. Prevention efforts have helped to reduce the impact of costly derelict vessel removal by identifying likely candidates that may create future problems and dealing with those problems before the vessel, and its likely pollutants, enter the waters of Puget Sound. The program provides framework for government agencies, marine-oriented organizations, and residents to work together in a proactive manner.  These efforts have proven to lower the overall costs of derelict vessel management.

This grant opportunity may be able to offer your county or entity from $10,000 to $30,000 to develop and begin running your own Derelict Vessel Prevention Program (DVPP). This will include a workshop April 2 and 3, 2014; several days of on-site consulting; and funds to staff and run the program through June of 2015.

An RFQ with details of eligibility and an application are available if you click here.

We hope that your agency or organization will consider your need for such an effort, and if you have none, to pass this along to another agency who may.  The deadline for submittal is March 3, 2014.  If you have questions, please call 360-472-1622 or email  We look forward to hearing from you.




Marc Forlenza

San Juan County Derelict Vessel Removal Manager /

Derelict Vessel Prevention Coordinator

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