How to solve port congestion the biggest question facing global trade, says FMC

By Mike Wackett, July 16, 2015, The Loadstar

The US Federal Maritime Commission has said that resolving congestion at container terminals is “in many ways today’s most critical and relevant trade-related issue”.


An 83-page FMC report on US port congestion, based on the feedback from four public forums held at major gateways during the supply chain crisis in the second half of 2014, was released on Tuesday.


It identifies the six most discussed issues at the forums that need to be addressed to improve the nation’s logistics performance – which currently lags behind European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, where ports have all also had to contend and overcome terminal and landside congestion in the past few years.


The report (which you can access here) focuses on capital investment and planning; chassis availability; vessel and terminal operations; drayage & truck turn time; extended hours/PierPASS; and collaboration and communication between stakeholders.


For the full article, follow this link.

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