Land Use

We’ve all heard that land is a good investment, because they’re not making more of it. It’s the finite nature of the resource that makes land use planning to difficult. Effective, strategic land use planning requires delicate balancing of many different and competing uses.

Waterfront property is in particularly high demand in Washington. Shorelines are precious for many reasons: we want them for recreation; we like them for residences; and we need them for industry.

Washington has been blessed with seven deep-draft ports, and you can only have a container port in a deep harbor. That’s why it’s crucial to protect industrial lands near shorelines, and ensure that we protect those economic engines for future generations.

Land use is also complicated by the need to protect our environment. Washington State has several different statutes that govern how land can be zoned or used, and how communities must govern growth. In addition, federal agencies and local jurisdictions also have authority to govern land use.

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