Boating is a terrific way to appreciate the many lakes and waterways in Washington State, and public ports throughout the state continually work to expand public access to them. Many port-owned marinas are full, with substantial waiting lists. And as boats get bigger, marinas must change to meet the changing designs.

The marinas listed in our directory represent about 40% of the state’s public moorage slips.

Not only are ports working to improve the design and conditions of marinas, but they are also creating excellent upland facilities for boaters. The Port of Edmonds has installed a state-of-the-art weather center for boaters – it shows real-time weather conditions throughout the Puget Sound. Other marinas have created excellent shower and meeting room facilities for boaters to use as they explore the state’s waterways.

Whether you’re a veteran boater or are just getting started, Washington’s ports offer excellent services for everyone interested in seeing our state from the water! Please download our Marina Directory for more information.

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