Longview Explores Propane Proposal

April 17, 2014, Port Strategy

The Port of Longview is exploring a propane and butane export proposal as part of a one-year option agreement with Haven Energy.

The energy export company is interested in developing a new facility on the US west coast to move propane and butane to energy markets around the Pacific Rim. The plan calls for the cargo to be railed from the port from the Dakotas, refrigerated and stored on site before being loaded to vessels for export to Hawaii, Mexico and Asia.

“We’re really pleased that businesses recognise what the Port of Longview has to offer,” said Geir Kalhagen, CEO. “Now the process begins where we evaluate the project to ensure it’s in line with the port’s overall mission and meets regulatory requirements of the State.”

The preliminary concept for the terminal is to place two tall, double-walled storage tanks on a 30 to 40-acre tract near Berth 4.

Unit trains of 100 plus railcars designed to carry propane and butane would use the port’s industrial rail corridor to enter the facility. Haven Energy says it expects the terminal would receive a unit train every day and half and approximately 30 vessel a year when it’s at full operation.

During the option period, the port agreed not to negotiate with any other party interested in located a similar facility at the port.

In addition, the port and Haven Energy will negotiate a commercial lease for port property and dock use and submit permit applications that are required for the trans-shipment facility.

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