MAY 3, 2017



Port seeks grant to fund jetty work

Chris Tucker, May 2, 2017,

Port of Port Townsend commissioners authorized seeking as much as $1,455,000 in funding assistance for the Point Hudson jetty replacement project with a second Boating Infrastructure Grant (BIG) application during the port’s April 26 meeting.

The port is allowed to apply for BIG grants annually. In 2015, the port was notified that its 2014 application was funded with $1,102,800, which represents 22 percent of the estimated $5 million total cost of the jetty replacement.

The port is working to designate that $1,102,800 for the south jetty.

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The Seattle-Tacoma economic divide persists

Jon Talton, May 3, 2017, The Seattle Times

The March unemployment rate for the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metropolitan area was 3.7 percent, down from 4.8 percent a year earlier, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. But a deeper look shows that not every part of the region is rising equally.

The Census Bureau breaks Seattle and Tacoma into separate metropolitan divisions, too. Thus, the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett metropolitan division’s jobless rate was 3.2 percent. Yet the rate for Tacoma-Lakewood was 5.8 percent. The state stood at 4.9 percent and the national rate was 4.6 percent, not seasonally adjusted.

This continues a long historical pattern. Going back to the late 1980s, when data began being compiled on a systematic basis, Pierce County’s unemployment was always higher than in Seattle’s King County. At the peak of the Great Recession, it was 11.9 percent vs. King County’s 9.5 percent.

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On May 15, Filing Week brings 100+ local public offices open

KXRO News, May 1, 2017, KXRO Newsradio

121 offices will be open throughout Grays Harbor for candidates this month.

Filing Week begins May 15 and runs through May 19 for any resident looking to hold public office.

Included in the offices open for filing are; Grays Harbor County, the Port of Grays Harbor, Public Hospital Districts, cities, fire departments, school boards, and various positions around the area.

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Longtime Port Commissioner Jack Thompson to run for re-election

Dan Hammock, May 2, 2017, The Daily World

With 20-plus years on the Port of Grays Harbor Commission already under his belt, Jack Thompson has announced he will run for re-election this year.

“I feel like we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff going on,” he said. “I feel good physically and mentally and feel like I can still add something to the mix. We have a good group to work with; we don’t always agree with each other on everything, but we have been able to be really successful and I’d still like to be a part of that.”

When asked about some of the accomplishments he’s seen on the commission the past two-plus decades, he said the assembly of the current team of Port leadership tops his list.

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‘The cloud’ bringing prosperity, environmental concerns to Quincy, Wash.

Deborah Horne, May 2, 2017, KIRO 7

As the birds herald spring, signs of Quincy’s renewal abound.

“A new police station, brand new public library, enhanced our public parks.”

Quincy City Administrator Tim Snead ticked off the explosion of building happening in the town.

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Port to offer discount for long-term boat storage

May 3, 2017,

Storage rates for boats at the Port of Port Townsend boatyard are set to increase from 63 cents to 75 cents per linear foot, but boat owners who store their boats for 30 days or longer get a 20 percent discount, dropping the rate to 60 cents.

Port commissioners voted unanimously April 26 to approve the new rates, which went into effect May 1.

The decision was based on feedback from yard tenants, said Greg Englin, director of operations and business development for the port. He said the new rates were competitive with other regional ports.

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Port of Olympia employees to commission:  We don’t get any respect

Rolf Boone, May 1, 2017, The Olympian

For several months, Port of Olympia Executive Director Ed Galligan has been the frequent target of criticism during public comments at commission meetings, with residents calling on him to resign because the port imports fracking sand.

And it’s not just limited to Galligan. Other port employees have had their integrity impugned by members of the public during meetings.

Those employees told the Port Commission on Monday that they have had enough, and they want the three-member commission to do something about it.

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Port commissioners to hold special meetings to evaluate director applicants

Port of Friday Harbor, May 1, 2017, The Journal of the San Juan Islands

The Board of Commissioners of the Port of Friday Harbor will hold a special commission meeting at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, May 2 at the San Juan Island Yacht Club at 271 Front St. Port commissioners will attend the open house for the community to meet executive director candidates.

They will also hold a special meeting at 9 a.m., Wednesday, May 3 at the port meeting room on the lower level of 271 Front St. Commissioners will go into private, executive session to evaluate the qualifications of those applicants for public employment.

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Relations remain rocky as one port commissioner compares the other to Trump

Rolf Boone, May 2, 2017, The Olympian

The Port of Olympia commission took a step backward in its working relationship this week when Commissioner Joe Downing compared E.J. Zita to President Donald Trump.

Downing said he looks forward to the day when Zita is president of the commission because then she’ll be like “our other president,” who didn’t realize the job was so difficult.

“Oh, my goodness, it was so difficult,” Downing said.

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