APRIL 15, 2016


Port of Seattle is spending millions to speed up TSA lines at Sea-Tac

Dyer Oxley, April 15, 2016, MyNorthwest.com

The Transportation Security Administration has 32 security lanes at Sea-Tac Airport, but it only uses about 17 despite the ever-growing passenger numbers traveling through the area. The Port of Seattle is now ready to spend millions of dollars to get those vacant lanes open.

The Port of Seattle commission gave its chief executive officer the thumbs up to spend $3.3 million to contract with a private company. That company will assist with managing lines at Sea-Tac Airport from May 1 through January 2017. The contract has yet to become official, but the port has already spread the word that it is working to alleviate waiting in the airports’ packed lines.

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Port of Port Angeles commissioners take a closer look at rules for speakers

Arwyn Rice, April 14, 2016, Peninsula Daily News

Port of Port Angeles commissioners want to make sure the public is aware of rules for speaking at open meetings.

Port commission rules, which have been in place for some time, include a prohibition against signs, placards and noise-making devices.

They say loud comments, clapping and booing “may be considered disruptive and result in removal at the discretion of the chair.”

Commissioners reviewed the rules for public comments at a Monday workshop.

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Port CEO lays out challenges at first annual breakfast

By Zachariah Bryan, April 14, 2016, Business Examiner

The Northwest Seaport Alliance’s first annual breakfast provided a chance for port leaders to pat themselves on the back and talk about the challenges that still lay ahead.

Specifically, there are two major land use controversies taking place, one at each port. In the North harbor, the Port of Seattle is perpetually fighting the proposed SODO stadium which would purportedly bring back the Sonics professional basketball team.

Read more here: http://www.businessexaminer.com/blog/April-2016/Port-CEO-lays-out-challenges-at-first-annual-breakfast/

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