AUGUST 23, 2016


Port seeks park host applicants

August 19, 2016, The Daily News

Port of Longview is continuing to move forward with reshaping Willow Grove Park.  On Tuesday, the port commission will begin evaluating applications for its citizen’s park advisory committee. And this week the port launched its search for the newly-established park host position.

The volunteer park host role will live at the park, performing daily duties and assisting visitors.

“The port wants to promote an enjoyable, family oriented experience at Willow Grove,” said Facilities Superintendent Dan Bean, who oversees the Park. “Having an on-site host to provide assistance to guests will allow the port to better respond to inquiries and address needs and enhance enjoyment of the Park.”

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Port eyes 2020 for Barlow Point, other new developments

Marissa Luck, August 22, 2016, The Daily News

The Port of Longview has some big items on its “To Do” list: Development of Barlow Point, more lucrative tenants and new industrial investments. All of which it wants checked off over the next four years.

Since February, port commissioners have worked with staff and consultants to craft a strategic plan update — one which offers direction on how the port will spend its time and money over the next three to five years. The plan is expected to be adopted Wednesday.

“It’s a new vision .. and yippee! I’m doing port commissioner cartwheels behind the scenes because it’s going to change our effectiveness at the port,” said Commissioner Jeff Wilson.

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Port of Port Angeles officials identify gaps in preparedness after Cascadia Rising drill

Paul Gottlieb, August 23, 2016, Peninsula Daily News

One of the first reactions of Port of Port Angeles employees when the Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake hits should be to flee to higher ground up South Cedar, West Hill and other city streets designated as tsunami evacuation routes.

West Second, South Lincoln and North Ennis streets, and Strait View Drive, are other tsunami routes in the city.

But it might be wise for port officials to also plan to evacuate the the port’s log-loaders, parked on the waterfront in the tsunami zone, commissioners said at their regular work session Monday.

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Christopher Pasolini takes the helm as new Kelso airport manager

Hayat Norimine, August 20, 2016, The Daily News

Christopher Paolini is returning home.

The 36-year-old airport operations supervisor in Long Beach, Calif., never lived in Kelso, and he doesn’t have family here. But Kelso airport — where he will be working as the operations manager come October — reminds him of the one in his hometown, where he first learned to fly.

Paolini’s father helped fuel his passion for aviation, Paolini said in a phone interview Friday. As a kid, he spent weekends with his father at the airport in Corona, Calif., watching the planes take off. Paolini grew nostalgic, he said, when he saw similarities between the Southwest Washington Regional Airport and the airport he loved as a child.

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New Defense Department policy bans same spying practices Army used on U.S. antiwar activists for years

Kris Hermes, August 23, 2016, Bill of Rights Defense Committee & Defending Dissent Foundation

Antiwar activists filed a brief today in Panagacos v. Towery, a widely watched military spying lawsuit from the Pacific Northwest currently on appeal before the Ninth Circuit. The brief draws attention to a recent policy change by the Department of Defense (DOD) prohibiting intelligence officials from engaging in the same type of questionable surveillance the Army has admitted to conducting for years against antiwar groups and other political organizations.

Earlier this month, obtained the most recent manual for “Procedures Governing the Conduct of DoD Intelligence Activities,” which has a new section 3.10(e)(2) prohibiting the surveillance “for the purpose of collecting information on the domestic activities of U.S. persons.” Under another new section 3.10(b)(3), the manual also prohibits military intelligence officials from anonymous spying on email listservs.

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