DECEMBER 16, 2016


Port dredging, decades in the making, celebrated Wednesday

Dan Hammock, December 15, 2016, The Daily World

Port of Grays Harbor Commissioner Jack Thompson was in a reflective mood when he took the podium at the Port’s Deeper Draft Phase II celebration Wednesday evening.

“This whole thing started in 1976,” he said. “The commissioners at that time – Hans Bielski, Neil Logue and John Stevens – had the vision and had the wisdom to start the Deeper Draft process.” Thompson said “It is the result of their vision” that the Port was able to survive the decline in the logging industry that drove it for decades and diversify to handle car imports and exports and house “a dry bulk products facility that feeds the world. I know if they were here they would be proud of the direction the Port has taken.”

The Deeper Draft project, adding another critical two feet to the depth of the Grays Harbor navigation channel, finally got the necessary approval to proceed in 2015 and commenced thanks to $15 million in federal funds and the support of the state’s national representatives in Washington, D.C. Phase II of the three phase project began in October; completion is expected in September of 2018.

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Port of Grays Harbor “Deeper Draft” dredging project applauded

KXRO 1320 AM Newsradio, December 16, 2016

The Port of Grays Harbor and the US Army Corps of Engineers celebrated the deeper draft project on Wednesday.

While dredging officially began on October 3, residents and elected officials joined together on Wednesday to celebrate the project 40 years in the making.

Grays Harbor dredging will bring the navigation channel to a deeper depth of -38 feet, down from the -36 feet that it currently sits, and to the Congressionally Authorized depth.

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Maritime Commission approves major new carrier alliance

Mark Edward Nero, December 16, 2016, Pacific Maritime Online Magazine

On Dec. 14, the Federal Maritime Commission announced that it has concluded its review of the proposed “THE Alliance” and is allowing it to go into effect as of Dec. 19.

The so-called “THE Alliance” is comprised of five different container shipping companies: Hapag-Lloyd; K Line; MOL; NYK; and Yang Ming. THE is an acronym for Transport High Efficiency.

Under the terms of the deal, “THE Alliance” members are permitted to share vessels, charter and exchange space on each other’s ships and enter cooperative working arrangements.

The scope of the agreement applies only to trade lanes between the United States and other nations. Cargo moved by carriers in “THE Alliance” that does not originate or terminate in the United States isn’t covered by this agreement.

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NW Seaport Alliance and Foss Maritime team up to secure a contract to berth the USNS Bob Hope vessel

AJOT, December 15, 2016, American Journal of Transportation

The Northwest Seaport Alliance will hold a special public meeting Monday, Dec. 19, to take action on a proposed interim use of Terminal 5 in the North Harbor. Alliance staff is seeking approval to join Foss Maritime in an effort to secure a contract to berth the USNS Bob Hope vessel. The USNS Bob Hope is the first ship in the Navy’s first class of large, medium-speed, roll-on/roll-off ships (LMSR), and is part of the United States Navy’s Military Sealift Command (MSC). The primary mission of these ships is to transport shore-based equipment and supplies in support of military and humanitarian operations.

This past summer the Bob Hope participated in the Cascadia Rising earthquake recovery exercise. These ships are a key asset in recovery efforts in the event of a widespread natural disaster.

The ships are operated by 30 civilian mariners who work for a private company under contract to MSC and up to 50 embarked military personnel who monitor and maintain the equipment being transported. The ships are maintained in reduced operational status, which means they are operationally ready in four days.

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