FEBRUARY 10, 2014


 Needed or not, Port of Longview’s tax hike caught public off guard In December, Dietz and new Commissioner Lou Johnson voted to reinstate the port’s full taxing authority, effectively doubling its tax for property owners but restoring it to the 2011 level. 

Groups lobby for end to tax break for refineriesEnvironmentalists and education-funding advocates are finding common cause at the Capitol this year, throwing support behind a proposal to end a $29 million per-year tax break tapped almost entirely by oil refineries.



Officials pressure Port of Seattle about $15 wageAbout 50 elected officials have sent a letter to the Port of Seattle.



State stuck with bill when people ditch boatsState law requires owners of abandoned or derelict vessels to pay to remove or dispose of them, but since the state began a program to rid state waters of potentially dangerous vessels in 2003, vessel owners have repaid only about $28,000 of the total $8.3 million owed.



In Our View: Oil Terminal Still Bad IdeaNew information from various sources does not clear concerns on development.



Quincy port seeks $900K to expand intermodal Lawmakers disagree on how to create funding.

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