FEBRUARY 19, 2015


U.S. Sen. Patty Murray: Port dispute comes down to one person, one issue The holdups, work slowdowns and lockouts at West Coast ports have boiled down to “one issue” and “one person,” according to Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash. 

West Coast employers attempt end run around ILWU leadershipSome West Coast employers are appealing directly to working longshoremen to scrutinize the details of the Pacific Maritime Association’s contract proposal, with the implication that they should not let this offer slip away because they won’t receive a better one.



Tacoma, Seattle cargo volumes decline amid port slowdownTo almost no one’s surprise, cargo container numbers handled by the ports of Tacoma and Seattle declined by 13 percent last month. 

Port dispute is felt all along West Coast The labor dispute that has stalled dozens of massive ships off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach isn’t limited to the nation’s busiest cargo complex.



Will Traffic Gridlock Break Legislative Bottleneck on Transportation Funding?The hardest work is still to come to get the proposal through a divided Legislature and signed by a governor with a distinctly different approach to funding transportation via his cap-and-trade proposal.

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