FEBRUARY 27, 2017


Port district for airport?  If city can make case

Yakima Herald-Republic Editorial Board, February 25, 2017, Yakima Herald.com

Clearly, something had to change at the Yakima Air Terminal after several years of financial and legal problems; the change came four years ago this month, when the city of Yakima took over ownership and operation of the airport. The city’s move ended what airport manager Rob Peterson called “a distant relationship” between the airport and an independent governing board composed of appointees by the city and Yakima County — so distant that problems went unnoticed or unresolved until they became too glaring to ignore.

The city has been more pro-active and focused on airport issues in the past four years, and the effort has paid off. A seven-year-long wrongful eviction lawsuit over rent by former tenant M. A. West Rockies was settled. The airport now has a handle on expenses and done a number of improvements, including an $11.2 million taxiway rehabilitation and adding $2.5 million in new snow removal equipment — the latter proving its worth in winters such as this one.

Nearby streets have been expanded, opening the possibility of future development, and the Airport Master Plan has been adopted. A marketing campaign geared at getting travelers to fly out of Yakima is credited for an increase in passengers and the addition of a fourth Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle. The city has budgeted for an assistant airport manager to focus on operations, allowing Peterson more time to promote the airport.

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Port of Port Angeles backs call to extend halibut fishing season

Jesse Major, February 26, 2017, Peninsula Daily News

The Port of Port Angeles has joined the city of Port Angeles in its efforts to extend the halibut fishing season.

Port commissioners said a three-day — May 4, 6 and 11 — season for 2017 in Puget Sound, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and off the coast of Neah Bay, La Push and Westport was too short.

On Tuesday, the port commissioners approved a resolution nearly identical to the city’s resolution, which was approved earlier this month.

Read more here:  http://www.peninsuladailynews.com/news/port-of-port-angeles-backs-call-to-extend-halibut-fishing-season/



Skagit Ag Summit draws ‘nontraditional’ speakers, viewpoints

Aaron Weinberg, February 26, 2017, GoSkagit.com

About 100 people attended the second Skagit Ag Summit on Saturday at the Washington State University Mount Vernon Research Center to learn about issues affecting local farmers.

The event drew several speakers representing various interests, including some controversial ones among the agriculture community, said WSU Extension Director Don McMoran.

For instance, Swinomish Indian Tribal Community Environmental Policy Director Larry Wasserman presented the tribe’s view on water rights, which has for years been a point of contention for farmers. A discussion on labor featured Rosalinda Guillen, who has helped influence a push for unionization among farmworkers.

Read more here:  http://www.goskagit.com/news/skagit-ag-summit-draws-nontraditional-speakers-viewpoints/article_968a8f59-0930-5ebb-b01d-d64f851c9298.html




Satsop business looksk to relocate to Curtis; Port of Chehalis establishes priorities

Aaron Kunkler, February 24, 2017, The Chronicle

A meeting of the Port of Chehalis commissioners on Thursday saw a presentation by a Grays Harbor composter seeking to move to a location in Curtis. The commissioners also established priorities for 2017 at the meeting.

Northwest Fish By-Products Inc. co-owner Erika Katt presented NW Aqua Soils’ plans to relocate from its current property in Satsop after it was discovered previous tenants contaminated the site.

The company founded in 2015 produces fish-based products ranging from pet food to compost and fertilizer.

Read more here:  http://www.chronline.com/business/satsop-business-looks-to-relocate-to-curtis-port-of-chehalis/article_330df5b4-fb13-11e6-a3dd-e37ba7229642.html



Key port projects for 2017

Marissa Luck, February 24, 2017, The Daily News

Other than industrial rail corridor expansion, the port hopes to make progress on a number of other projects in 2017.

Bridgeview Terminal:

Officials are reviewing proposals from three companies to lease Berths 1 and 2, collectively called Bridgeview Terminal. The port wants to earn more revenue than it makes from Kinder Morgan, which has leased both berths since 2001.

Read  more here:  http://tdn.com/news/local/key-port-projects-for/article_d8bbec97-35dc-5901-b664-0cf77d2a86d7.html



Port moves to develop rail corridor, other properties

Marissa Luck, February 24, 2017, The Daily News

A project to expand the Port of Longview’s rail corridor, which officials see as critical to attracting business, has expanded in scope.

Port officials say they expect to add seven new tracks to the rail corridor over the next several years, bringing the corridor from two tracks to nine. Six of those tracks would be extra-long sidings to handle trains up to 8,500 feet long, about 1,000 feet longer than most traditional sidings.

Port officials have not projected the cost of the rail expansion, only acknowledging it will cost “tens of millions of dollars” to complete.

Read more here:  http://tdn.com/news/local/port-moves-to-develop-rail-corridor-other-properties/article_0d72487e-95a6-59ac-bfb9-6df939f387c3.html


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