FEBRUARY 28, 2014


Unusual House Budget Proposal Looks Big, but Really Isn’t That Different Than the Senate – Two Weeks of Head-Scratching Before Final Gavel – ‘Base Budget’ Looks Pretty Much Like Senate Plan – But Big-Picture Ideas Aim to Set Up Debate for Next Year




Port of Port Townsend agrees to settlement before environmental group files suit over stormwater managementThe settlement, approved by port commissioners Wednesday night says the port has done nothing wrong but agrees to 12 measures.

Rail traffic and climate change part of Gateway Pacific enviro reviewWhatcom County and the state’s ecology department added the two controversial questions to the proposed coal terminal’s environmental impact study.




Put oil transport safety legislation back on track Local communities want information about rail shipments of oil so they can revise local public safety plans. Deadlines loom, and the Senate stalls.

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