FEBRUARY 3, 2016


TRIDEC transfers land to Richland and Port of Benton for development

Justin Lum, February 1, 2016, KEPR

A sizeable land transfer that’s been in motion for five years is now official.

A press conference was held at Richland City Hall earlier today as TRIDEC transferred 1,341 acres of land to the city of Richland and the Port of Benton.

Read more here: http://keprtv.com/news/local/tridec-transfers-land-to-richland-and-port-of-benton-for-development




Businessmen Who Abandoned Toxic Mess Now Want To Build Refinery In Washington

Tony Schick, February 3, 2016, KUOW

TransMessis acquired the Odessa plant in late 2013 with plans to crush canola seed and produce an annual 10 million gallons of biodiesel. It operated for less than a year. After a crash in the biofuels market, TransMessis fired its employees and shut down operations, never telling state regulators. The ensuing cleanup has cost $400,000 so far, paid for through the EPA’s superfund program.

Now, the backers of that failed biofuels project are proposing a $1.25 billion refinery and propane terminal at the Port of Longview on the Washington side of the lower Columbia River.

Read more here: http://kuow.org/post/businessmen-who-abandoned-toxic-mess-now-want-build-refinery-washington




US Congress looks at ways to fund port projects faster

Reynolds Hutchins, February 2, 2016, JOC.com

U.S. lawmakers are looking into a new way to streamline how the federal government appropriates funds for port development projects, yoking together authorization and appropriation.

Under the Water Resources Reform Development Act of 2014, U.S. ports were for the first time allowed to begin major harbor development projects without waiting for congressional authorization. But even that landmark legislation has still left ports in a lurch — waiting on appropriations even after receiving the go-ahead from engineers and legislators.

Read more here: http://www.joc.com/regulation-policy/transportation-policy/us-transportation-policy/port-projects-outpace-congressional-funding_20160202.html

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