JANUARY 18, 2017



Ports discuss countywide fiber, channel dredging at meeting

Joan Pringle, January 10, 2017, GoAnacortes

Dredging the Swinomish Channel and creating a county-wide broadband network were the major discussions of a joint meeting between the ports of Anacortes and Skagit on Jan. 5 at City Hall.

Kym Anderson, chief of the Army Corps of Engineers Navigation Section, gave the two commissions an update on the workings of the agency when it comes to keeping the Swinomish Channel open and navigable, a key transportation way for economic and recreational purposes.

One goal is to keep the 11 miles of the channel from Saratoga Pass to Padilla Bay dredged to 12 feet deep. Funding for dredging comes from the federal government, but dredging has to be done every few years and securing that money has been a recurring challenge.

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Port of Chehalis expresses concern after permit renewal again delayed

Justyna Tomtas, January 17, 2017, The Chronicle

After the Port of Chehalis’ Regional General Permit lapsed in September of last year, port commissioners received an update last week from the issuing agency, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The permit to fill wetlands is up for renewal and the process is still underway, said Randy Mueller, chief executive officer of the port.

Commissioners and community leaders expressed concern that if the permit is not renewed soon, it could result in the loss of projects currently underway at the port.

Read more here:   http://www.chronline.com/port-of-chehalis-expresses-concern-after-permit-renewal-again-delayed/article_d8e867f8-dce6-11e6-ae7b-8fdf2356d0a5.html



Port confronts Hudson ‘crisis:’  No money to repair failing jetty in PT

Patrick J. Sullivan, January 18, 2017, PTLeader.com

The Port of Port Townsend is launching a process, intended to include a community discussion, to determine what can be done to save Point Hudson.

“Save” as in help the public port district figure out how to pay for an estimated $5 million in repairs to the Point Hudson jetty, without which the marina could close. Even with the jetty repaired, the port is dealing with sobering financial issues.

“We do not have a viable financial plan to replace the Point Hudson jetty to protect our whole identity of maritime heritage,” Sam Gibboney, port executive director, told The Leader Jan. 13. “That is an issue that we as a community need to address.”

Read more here:  http://www.ptleader.com/news/port-confronts-hudson-crisis-no-money-to-repair-failing-jetty/article_fabe5b04-dd12-11e6-bb81-d7db49e455d1.html



Ridgefield rail overpass closer to reality

Rick Bannan, January 17, 2017, The Reflector

An overpass over a rail line cutting the town of Ridgefield in two moved forward Jan. 5 as a Washington state hearings examiner approved two permits for the project.

About a dozen members of the public were in attendance for the hearing, which saw the third phase of development of an overpass approved by hearings examiner Joe Turner for two permits — a shoreline substantial development permit and a critical area permit.

Eric Eisemann, Ridgefield’s consulted land use planner, explained that the project would need a Shoreline Substantial Development Permit as a portion of the project is within shoreline jurisdiction, or 200 feet from the ordinary high water mark of Lake River. The critical area permit was needed as the project would impact such areas both within and without the shoreline zone.

Read more here:  http://www.thereflector.com/news/article_b0424f9a-dd17-11e6-8f4f-1b8b67dc9b9d.html


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