JANUARY 5, 2017



Lease denied for proposed Washington state coal terminal

Jay Kohn, January 4, 2017, KTVQ.com

Washington State Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark denied a sublease request by developer Millennium Bulk Terminals, in essence refusing to allow the state’s aquatic lands to be used for the project.

Goldmark’s decision puts a crimp in Millennium’s proposal to expand its facility in Longview to handle coal exports from Montana and Wyoming destined for Asia.

In announcing his decision, Goldmark said part of the reason the request was denied was due to Millennium’s refusal to answer questions about its financial condition and the company’s new ownership.

Read more here:  http://www.ktvq.com/story/34177777/lease-denied-for-proposed-washington-state-coal-terminal



Crab boats tied up as strike extends up and down West Coast

Phuong Le, January 4, 2017, The Seattle Times

Dungeness crab could be harder to come by if hundreds of fishing boats remain tied up at docks from California to Washington by a dispute between crabbers and seafood processors over the price of the sought-after crustaceans.

Crab fleets that have been fishing in parts of Oregon and near San Francisco are now anchored, and other vessels in Washington state and Northern California have opted not to go out as their season gears up, said John Corbin, a commercial crab fisherman in Warrenton, Ore., and chairman of the Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission.

“We have about 1,200 boats that are tied up and are willing to stay tied up until processors bring the price back to $3 (a pound)” from the latest offer of $2.75, Corbin said Tuesday.

Read more here:  http://www.seattletimes.com/business/crab-boats-tied-up-as-strike-extends-up-and-down-west-coast/


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