JULY 27, 2017


Military exercise coming to Grant County International Airport

Charles H. Featherstone, July 26, 2017, Columbia Basin Herald

Moses Lake is going to be invaded next week.

The U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command is going to commandeer a portion of the Grant County International Airport for more than a week as part of the Mobility Guardian exercise, which tests the military’s ability to deploy quickly to any place in the world.

Part of that exercise will involve an airdrop of about 600 soldiers and their equipment as soldiers practice “securing the airfield” on Thursday, Aug. 3.

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Quit playing chicken with capital budget

July 25, 2017, Chinook Observer

The Washington Legislature’s failure to pass a capital budget will have major negative impacts in Pacific County and all around the state if some lawmakers don’t back away from the “game of chicken” they’re playing.

The capital budget, as outlined in our front-page story today, is packed with important money for a host of tangible projects — everything from a new school to help replace the obsolete one in South Bend to funds the Pacific Conservation District uses for pragmatic local work like steps to save the beautiful sandy river beach near the Port of Chinook. The conservation district might have to lay off much of its workforce unless it gets the money its counting on. Numerous other things will be affected in Pacific County.

Around the state, the hit-list of projects that will be stalled without funding is long and crippling. As just one example, right now as summer fire season is reaching its most dangerous stage, lack of capital funds will stall a $15 million effort to remove trees struck by insect blight, disease or drought. Without that funding the Department of Natural Resources said it cannot address the problem unhealthy forests pose for the people of Washington.

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They’ve got billions in the bank.  Will they share some to improve the South Sound?

Bill Virgin, July 22, 2017, The News Tribune

It’s a good day to ask some questions:

▪ Lowell Thomas “Tom” Murray Jr. managed to jam multiple careers and interests into his 91 years – forestry, civic involvement, railroad historical preservation.

That third one merits some additional attention and raises some interesting questions.

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Sunnyside shows path to economic growth

Bob Crider and Frank Purdy, July 23, 2017, The Yakima Herald

The city of Sunnyside has buttressed its standing as the major center of commerce in the Lower Yakima Valley — part of it from geographic fortuity, but much due to conscious and cooperative efforts to expand and diversify its economy. In that, the city of 16,000 could serve as a template for enhancing economic opportunity in Central Washington’s cities and towns.

Sunnyside lies just far enough from Yakima and the Tri-Cities to support retail, medical and other services on its own. Interstate 82 runs just south of town, and Highway 12 right through it. Surrounding the city are miles of agricultural land with orchards, vineyards, hop fields, row crops and especially dairy operations.

Read more here:  http://www.yakimaherald.com/opinion/editorials/sunnyside-shows-path-to-economic-growth/article_f01874ca-6dd9-11e7-832f-ef8924de4296.html



Kennewick groups awarded for plans to revitalize waterfront

Alex Burch, July 25, 2017, KEPRtv.com

Partners working to revitalize Columbia Drive in Kennewick are being rewarded for their efforts.

The Port of Kennewick, Benton County, City of Kennewick, and Columbia Basin College received the 2017 Governor’s Smart Partnership Award today.

The governor is recognizing all of them for their innovative plan to reshape the Columbia River waterfront into a vibrant community gathering place with attractions like wineries, food trucks, and trails.

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Manhattan Project Park visitor center opens this week

July 22, 2107, Tri-City Herald

The Port of Benton will dedicate the Manhattan Project National Park Interim Visitor Center at the Tri-Cities Enterprise Center in north Richland this week.

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Hanford national park visitor center dedicated

Annette Cary, July 25, 2017, Tri-City Herald

The stars and stripes were raised over the Richland visitor center for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park in Richland at a dedication ceremony Tuesday.

The center that has served as a gateway for tours of Hanford’s historic B Reactor since 2009 has had $127,000 of improvements made by the Port of Benton.

It stepped up and took a chance on a young national park, said Colleen French, DOE’s national park program manager at Hanford.

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Fish and Wildlife, Port of Ridgefield celebrate partnership

Dameon Pesanti, July 26, 2017, The Columbian

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife held a grand opening event Wednesday afternoon after recently moving into a new headquarters facility at the Port of Ridgefield.

The agency’s Region 5 operation had spent 20 years in its Vancouver location, much longer than officials had anticipated.

“We’re really excited about our new partnership with the Port of Ridgefield and the Ridgefield community,” said John A. Long, WDFW Region 5 director.

Read more here:  http://www.columbian.com/news/2017/jul/26/fish-and-wildlife-port-of-ridgefield-celebrate-partnership/




Port of Poulsbo completes electrical upgrades to guest moorage

Editor, July 25, 2017, Three Sheets Northwest

The Port of Poulsbo has completed a major upgrade to its guest moorage electrical power systems, and in doing so, now complies with the National Electrical Code.

The Guest Moorage facilities at the popular Puget Sound destination have been outfitted with GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) breakers to catch vessels putting out stray current. As a result, the marina says, you may experience difficulty connecting your boat to the power pedestal without the breaker tripping.

Basically, the new breakers detect any difference between the amount of electricity flowing into a circuit and the amount flowing out of it. It the breaker detects a difference of at least 30 (.030) milliamps, which is the new National Electrical Code standard, it will shut off the circuit.

Read more here:  http://www.threesheetsnw.com/blog/2017/07/port-of-poulsbo-completes-electrical-upgrades-to-guest-moorage/




On the waterfront:  Some ships may get as assist in Port Angeles Harbor

David G. Sellars, July 23, 2017, Peninsula Daily News

On Thursday morning, the cargo ship Astoria Bay moored to the Port of Port Angeles’ Terminal 3 to take on a load of debarked logs that will be taken to China for use in the construction industry.

I was asked recently whether all tankers are required to have a tug alongside when they come into the harbor.

Tugs are required to provide a tethered assist — their tow line affixed to bitts on the tanker’s bow or stern in a procedure that is otherwise known as a ship assist.

Read more here:  https://www.peninsuladailynews.com/business/on-the-waterfront-some-ships-may-get-an-assist-in-port-angeles-harbor/




Westport Marina hosts emergency preparedness event

Port of Grays Harbor, July 27, 2017

The Westport Marina is preparing to welcome Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and National Guard troops for an emergency preparedness training event next Tuesday, August 1.  As part of the training event, the Westport Marina Boat Launch will be closed from 7:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. for the event.

The training event will showcase the military’s ability to deliver supplies and capabilities in the event of a catastrophic Cascadia earthquake and tsunami event.  The exercise will include a landing craft carrying various military vehicles arriving at the Westport Boat Launch.  The vehicles will offload and be joined by helicopter arrivals at the nearby Coast Guard Station.  Both the military vehicles and a static helicopter display will be open to the public during an open house at US Coast Guard Station, Westport.

Read more here:  http://www.graysharbortalk.com/2017/07/26/westport-marina-hosts-emergency-preparedness-event/


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