MARCH 15, 2017


Port of Port Townsend considers larger hoist to replace one broken in January

Cydney McFarland, March 13, 2017, Peninsula Daily News

The Port of Port Townsend commissioners will replace a hoist which was broken after a cable snapped in January.

The commissioners looked at three options Wednesday: buying a new 75-ton hoist or replacing the broken one with an upgrade by purchasing one of two available 85-ton hoists.

Director of Operations Greg Englin said port officials are awaiting calculations from engineers to make sure the small pier that was used by the 75-ton hoist would be able to handle an 85-ton lift.

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Longshoreman to Port of Olympia commission:  Open Berth 4

Rolf Boone, March 14, 2017, The Olympian

The Port of Olympia marine terminal these days is home to logs, fracking sand, organic corn and most recently, a shipment of gold ore from Northern Ireland that will eventually make its way to the Eastern Washington town of Republic.

The result is that it’s getting kind of crowded on the terminal, which led longshore worker Jim Rose to attend and speak during Monday’s port commission meeting.

“Over at the marine terminal it’s packed pretty hard,” he said. “We’re running out of room.”

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New parents at Port of Tacoma could get paid leave, if commission approves

Kate Martin, March 13, 2017, The News Tribune

The Port of Tacoma commission could approve four weeks of paid leave for new parents at its meeting this week.

The decision comes on the heels of one made late last year by the Northwest Seaport Alliance, which approved four weeks paid parental leave for its employees in December.

The Port of Tacoma and the Port of Seattle are the two members of the seaport alliance. The two agencies have worked to align human resources policies since the shipping alliance was formed more than a year ago. The Port of Tacoma’s parental leave policy would mirror that of the seaport alliance.

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