MAY 4, 2016


Chris Hansen’s air ball and the future

Jon Talton, May 4, 2016, Seattle Times

Cruise ships are growing. Containers have held up well considering the move of the Grand Alliance lines to Tacoma. The two ports joining in the Northwest Seaport Alliance is a show of strength amid a changing industry, not weakness. The port has important roles, and vast potential, in economic development.

Whether one likes (or understands) the Port, it was only part of a larger issue: whether Seattle would make an effort to support its various maritime industries, which remain essential to a diverse economy beyond Technopolis. Many of these produce coveted family-wage jobs.

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Port of Vancouver CEO stepping down May 19

Brooks Johnson, May 4, 2016, The Columbian

Published: May 3, 2016, 2:44 PM

Port of Vancouver CEO Todd Coleman is stepping down effective May 19, the port announced Tuesday afternoon. His sudden and unexpected departure marks the end of a four-year run dominated by the controversy over the proposal, driven by Coleman, to build the nation’s largest oil terminal.

Coleman, 47, told The Columbian that his departure was a matter of personal timing, and not tied to the uncertain fate of the Vancouver Energy oil terminal.

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