OCTOBER 11, 2016



Port of Port Townsend facing challenges in 2017 budget due to repairs, projects list

Cydney McFarland, October 11, 2016, Peninsula Daily News

The Port of Port Townsend is preparing its 2017 budget and is still facing some challenges due to a long list of major repairs and projects needed throughout Jefferson County.

“It’s not so much that we’re not being profitable, but that we’re facing a backlog of capital projects,” Port of Port Townsend Executive Director Sam Gibboney said Monday.

“How we’re going to address that backlog is probably the bigger issue.”

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Maritime group:  Washington ports need money, not red tape

Don Jenkins, October 10, 2016, Capital Press

A report commissioned by the Washington Maritime Federation makes a plea for more public money and less hostility toward port projects related to coal and oil.

The study, led by former U.S. maritime administrator Dave Matsuda, outlines broad policy goals, but largely does not offer detailed proposals.

The report does assert that Washington ports are in danger of losing business, particularly to the ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert in British Columbia, and the ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles in Southern California.

Read more here:  http://www.capitalpress.com/Washington/20161010/maritime-group-washington-ports-need-money-not-red-tape




Seattle-Tacoma ports urged to take aggressive steps to stem cargo loss

Bill Mongelluzzo, October 7, 2016, JOC.com

The ports of Seattle and Tacoma will lose more ground to competing US and Canadian ports unless the state government works closer with the transportation industry to establish dedicated funding for port-related infrastructure and speeds up project permitting, according to a white paper released Thursday.

The report commissioned by the Washington Maritime Federation noted that shippers of discretionary cargo have more routing options than ever before with the recently completed Panama Canal expansion project and growing competition from the Canadian ports of Vancouver and Prince Rupert. Furthermore, the concentration of ocean carrier assets in vessel-sharing alliances is resulting in larger vessels calling at fewer ports, which also threatens the growth of the Puget Sound ports.

Growth in Seattle and Tacoma depends upon expanded port capacity to handle bigger vessels, and improved transportation infrastructure to the eastern half of the United States, where two-thirds of the ports’ cargo originates or is destined for. Port and transportation infrastructure development can be assisted, or hindered, by planning and funding policies at the state level. “Public policy decisions matter,” said David Matsuda, co-author of the report and former US Maritime Administrator under President Obama.

Read more here:  http://www.joc.com/port-news/us-ports/port-tacoma/seattle-tacoma-ports-urged-take-aggressive-steps-stem-cargo-loss_20161007.html




Mitsubishi suppliers tour ML Flight Center

Rodney Harwood, October 10, 2016, Columbia Basin Herald

For the Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation, giving its suppliers an update on the MRJ90 project is an annual event. But Thursday’s tour of the Mitsubishi Moses Lake Flight Center was like offering the Port of Moses Lake an opportunity to present a sales pitch to 60 different aeronautical leaders at the same time.

Representatives of an estimated 60 companies met Wednesday in Bellevue for an update on the MRJ90 program, then came by bus to Moses Lake to tour the $9 million, 65,000-square-foot hangar and Moses Lake Flight Center. As a courtesy, Mitsubishi allowed the Port of Moses Lake an opportunity to make a presentation on what is available at the Grant County International Airport.

“It’s almost unprecedented. I’ve been doing this for 30 years and I’ve never had an opportunity like this before. Normally, you go to a conference or trade show, and you try to put up information or make sales calls,” Port executive director Jeffrey Bishop said. “So to have them exclusively was like making 60 sales calls on 60 different companies all at once.

Read more here:  http://www.columbiabasinherald.com/business/mitsubishi-suppliers-tour-ml-flight-center/article_07c1e5e8-8ce9-11e6-8961-d364eedfce80.html



Dayton business park expanding

Dian Ver Valen, October 10, 2016, Union-Bulletin.com

A second building will go up at the Port of Columbia’s Blue Mountain Station this fall, if all goes according to plan.

“I’d like to start building tomorrow, if I could,” said Allen Litzenberger of 4-Point Construction & Development in Walla Walla.

But it’s more likely to happen later this month, he conceded.

Read more here:  http://www.union-bulletin.com/local/dayton-business-park-expanding/article_6bbecd72-8f14-11e6-8f30-535cf1769922.html



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