OCTOBER 26, 2016



Is the choice really between the Port and the Sonics?

Jon Talton, October 26, 2016, The Seattle Times

When the hedge-fund manager Chris Hansen says something about his Sodo arena scheme, many people leap to the conclusion that “the Sonics are coming back!” As in this week’s announcement that Hansen and his partners propose to build the $500 million venue with private funding.

Now if only that nasty Port of Seattle would get out of the way, quit whining about Occidental Avenue and we could get our Sonics back!

And maybe that would happen. Maybe it’s a first step to at least bringing an NHL franchise to Seattle. But I find no convincing evidence that Hansen can bring an NBA team here. For one thing, the big dog who had the means, Steve Ballmer, sailed for LA.

Read more here:  http://www.seattletimes.com/business/economy/is-the-choice-really-between-the-port-and-the-sonics/


Port of Olympia set to make first investment in Lacey

Rolf Boone, October 24, 2016, The Olympian

The Port of Olympia commission voted unanimously Monday to buy three buildings in northeast Lacey as investments.

The properties, known as the Lacey Business Commerce Center, total about 59,000 square feet spread across a 5-acre parcel in Meridian Campus that is home to light-industrial warehouses. The seller is Davis Property & Investment. The sale is expected to close the first week of February, said port Finance Director Jeff Smith.

The buildings are home to a number of existing tenants, including Stottle Winery and Salish Sea Organic Liqueurs.

Read more here:  http://www.theolympian.com/news/business/article110289417.html



Port of Chehalis celebrates 30 years of operation

Justyna Tomtas, October 25, 2016, The Chronicle

The Port of Chehalis just finished its best year in history, with an unprecedented number of property sales in a single year and a full slate of leased properties.

Maneuvering through many challenges, the port is currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, and things only seem to be getting better.

Randy Mueller, chief executive officer of the port, said the progress has shown a good amount of demand in the local area.

Read more here:  http://www.chronline.com/port-of-chehalis-celebrates-years-of-operation/article_29d95d4a-9adc-11e6-ace8-f331ffbbd9fe.html



Port of Moses Lake moving forward with project to connect with industrial rail line

Devin Higgins, October 24, 2016, FiberOne.com

The Port of Moses Lake is moving ahead on its plans to reconnect the port to industrial rail for the first time in more than 30 years.

The commissioners voted unanimously to authorize Executive Director Jeffrey Bishop to continue pursuing grants and other funding options to fill a $9 million gap in the proposed $29 million project.

The Port of Moses Lake received about $20 million in state funding as part of the legislature’s $15 billion transportation package approved last year. The port has been working since the 1990’s to restore industrial rail service to the Grant County International Airport and the nearby industrial parks, according to Bishop.

Read more here:  http://www.ifiberone.com/news/port-of-moses-lake-moving-forward-with-project-to-connect/article_130ab590-9a33-11e6-ab92-07d2b130d6c0.html


Back on Track:  Port approves railroad plan

Charles H. Featherstone, October 25, 2016, Columbia Basin Herald

Port of Moses Lake commissioners voted unanimously Monday to build a railroad link connecting the port to a Columbia Basin Railroad line in Wheeler, allowing the port to have rail access while at the same bypassing the tracks that wind through downtown Moses Lake.

According to Jeffrey Bishop, the port’s executive director, the rail line could most likely be built for less than the $20 million in state transportation grants the port has on hand.

If the port fails to use the funds, it will have to pay them back to the state, Bishop told commissioners.

Read more here:  http://www.columbiabasinherald.com/article/20161025/ARTICLE/161029920


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