SEPTEMBER 14, 2016


Port of Port Angeles commissioners formally conclude cleanup of KPly mill site

Jesse Major, September 13, 2016, Peninsula Daily News

Port of Port Angeles commissioners took action Monday morning, officially putting to rest the cleanup of the 19-acre former KPly mill site at 439 Marine Drive.

The cleanup ended up costing $7,007,738.98. While well over the original $3.5 million contract, the final costs came in about $200,000 less than expected.

The costs dropped from $7.2 million because the contractor brought in less fill material than was originally estimated, said Chris Hartman, the port’s director of engineering.

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PT Paper first manufacturer in state to switch to CNG

Allison Arthur, September 14, 2016, The PT Leader

The Port Townsend Paper Corp. has become the first large manufacturer in the state to switch from oil to compressed natural gas (CNG). Mill officials say this conversion should reduce its current greenhouse gas emission levels by 25 percent.

The mill also is the anchor client for Xpress Natural Gas of Boston, which built a $5 million facility, the first such facility in the state, in the Satsop Business Park in Elma, Washington, specifically to service the Port Townsend mill.

The conversion from fuel oil to CNG is aimed at improving air emissions and making the mill more cost competitive. It cost the mill $3.1 million to make the conversion, according to Alan Ulman, mill spokesperson.

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Port Townsend mill converts to natural gas to cut emissions

Associated Press, September 13, 2016,

Port Townsend Paper says it is converting its main fossil fuel source from oil to compressed natural gas to cut greenhouse gas emissions and boost efficiency.

The Peninsula Daily News reports that the company completed the first of three stages in July when it converted the plant’s package boiler to natural gas.

The next phase is expected this month and involves converting the lime kiln to run partially on natural gas.

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Woodland council votes support for $1.8 billion methanol plant

Rick Bannan, September 13, 2016, The Reflector

The Woodland City Council approved in a split 4-2 decision to approve a letter from Mayor Will Finn in support of a $1.8 billion methanol production project in Kalama, with some council members lauding the economic benefit while others questioned the need to break neutrality on the issue.

The letter stressed the economic boon that the project would have regionally, explaining the project, a gas-to-methanol production plant to be put on land owned by the Port of Kalama, “can be viewed as a stimulus agent to the city’s overall economic development promoting commercial growth.”

Northwest Innovation Works (NWIW), the company behind the project, was scheduled to present before the board last week, however a mixup of scheduling resulted in NWIW officials to not be present at the meeting, Darlene Johnson, treasurer of the Woodland Chamber of Commerce, explained. She, however, spoke on behalf of the development, explaining that NWIW officials were present at the chamber’s meeting earlier Tuesday to provide information.

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