SEPTEMBER 25, 2014


Tacoma mayor’s commission aims to attract more foreign investorsSeveral Tacoma organizations already deal with international relations, including the World Trade Center, Port of Tacoma and higher education institutions, she said. Commission members will include people from those organizations.




Secrecy of meetings by Seattle, Tacoma ports questionedA Seattle attorney whose practice focuses on open government says a series of secret meetings between the port commissions of Tacoma and Seattle may violate state law.




Port of Everett to add 150-ton craneThe Port of Everett is adding a new 150-ton mobile harbor crane to help with break-bulk cargo, which is too big or too heavy to fit in a container.




Aberdeen council votes unanimously against crude-by-rail By a unanimous vote of the 11 members present, the Aberdeen City Council Wednesday night passed a strongly worded resolution opposing plans to transport crude oil through Grays Harbor.

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