Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports

Report No. 64, January 2009

The Manual is available in Adobe PDF format. (901KB)

In 2008, the Washington State Legislature adopted legislation (codified primarily in Chapter 53.19 RCW) designed to improve public contracting for port districts. The focus of this legislation is personal service contracting by port districts:

The legislature hereby establishes a policy of open competition for all personal service contracts entered into by port districts unless specifically exempted under this chapter. It is further the intent to provide differentiation between the competitive procurement procedures for personal and professional services contracts.
This legislation directed the Municipal Research and Services Center (MRSC) to develop guidelines for the effective and efficient management of personal service contracts in cooperation with the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA). Chapter 53.19 RCW also directs that ports entering into or amending personal service contracts after January 1, 2010 must follow the policies adopted by their commission, which must be based on those guidelines.

Personal Services Contracting Training

For your convenience, WPPA has developed an on-line training course to help you meet the statute’s requirements.

—Table A – Port Commission Checklist
◦required and recommended actions by port commissions
—Table B – Solicitation Guidelines
◦suggested procedures for personal services procurement for ports

Personal Services Contracting Manual for Ports Appendices

This set of appendices includes a comprehensive set of sample documents from various port districts and reference materials from non-port entities. All documents are in Adobe PDF format unless otherwise noted.

The sample documents in these appendices are presented solely as examples of what the contributing port districts have used. No representation is made that these are specifically applicable to another port’s unique contracts or contracting procedures. Be sure to review any of these documents with your port’s legal counsel before use. (Note: PSC = Personal Services Contracting)
Appendices A: Included Only In the Manual
Appendices B: Quick Start Help

(Also Included in Chapter 2 of the PSC Manual)

Appendix B1: Personal Services Contract Flow Chart
Appendix B2: Personal Services Contract Size Chart
Appendix B3: Sample Formal Competitive Selection Process Schedule
Appendix B4: Personal Service Contract File Checklist

Appendix C: Annotated 2008 Legislation (SSHB 3274)

Appendices D: Sample Policy and Procedure Documents
Appendix D1: Olympia Personal and Professional Services Selection Suite
Appendix D2: Olympia Delegation of Authority Resolution
Appendix D3: Olympia Consultant Services Procedure
Appendix D4: Seattle Ethics Policy
Appendix D5: Tacoma Personal Services Exemption Resolution
Appendix D6: Everett PSC Guidelines
Appendix D7: Everett Contract Tracking Spreadsheet
Appendix D8: Everett PSC Procedures
Appendix D9: Tacoma A-E Procedures
Appendix D10: Seattle PSC Audit Resolution

Appendices E: Sample Personal Service Contracting Documents
Appendix E1: Sample Terms and Conditions (Word)
Appendix E2: Everett Documentation Checklist (Word)
Appendix E3: Everett Performance Evaluation Form (Word)
Appendix E4: Fee Guidelines
Appendix E5: Hoodsport RFP Sample
Appendix E6: Tacoma RFP Sample
Appendix E7: Hoodsport Contract Sample
Appendix E8: Olympia RFP Evaluation Summary
Appendix E9: Olympia Matrix for Panel Review & Selection
Appendix E10: Olympia Memo to Selection Panel
Appendix E11: Olympia Professional Services Agreement Template
Appendix E12: Olympia RFQ Ad Seattle Journal of Commerce
Appendix E13: Olympia RFQ Advertisement
Appendix E15: Olympia RFQ Services Rejection Letter
Appendix E16: Olympia RFQ Template
Appendix E17: Olympia RFQ Template for Security Projects
Appendix E18: Olympia Short Listed Firms Letter
Appendix E19: Tacoma Public Works Contract Completion
Appendix E20: Seattle RFQ Sample
Appendix E21: Proposer Certifications
Appendix E22: Panel Members Certification

Appendices F: Sample Non-Port Reference Documents
Appendix F1: Sound Transit RFP Finance & Federal Audit Services
Appendix F2: DRAFT WSDOT Consultant Manual
Appendix F3: Local Agency Guidelines Chapter 31
Appendix F4: OFM Best Management Practices
Appendix F5: Chapter 15 SAAM (State Administrative & Accounting Manual – OFM)

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