Moses Lake Looks to Annex Land in Larson to Provide Service to Sonico

By Cameron Probert, August 28, 2013, iFIBER News

Moses Lake is moving forward with annexing more than 50-acres of land, which will put the city boundaries past Larson.

The annexation was prompted by an agreement that extended city water and sewer services to the new location of Sonico, at the corner of Patton Boulevard and Randolph Road.

The company plans to build a new plant on the property after the Port of Moses Lake gave the aircraft and repair company 18 months to get out of its present location, or pay the port $200,000.

As part of the preparation the company requested a connection to city water and sewer in June. The request prompted city officials to examine how close the property was to the city’s border.

City officials found a majority of the other property owners signed agreements giving the city the power to annex the land, City Manager Joe Gavinski said.

The city manager previously said the annexation won’t leave the Larson area as an island of unincorporated county land inside of the city limits.

One landowner Bea Stump said she was afraid of what the annexation would mean for her plans to use the land she owns along Patton Boulevard. She owns the land closest to the city’s boundary. The majority of it was connected to city services in 1994 before she became involved with it.

“We’re really happy with where we are now,” she said. “Is there any guarantee that Sonico is going to do this (building)?”

Stump wasn’t aware of the agreements to annex into the city when she purchased the property in 1998. The city water and sewer were already connected.

Stump and her business partner have a real estate office, drive-in and storage units on the property. They plan to add an RV park, and are presently working with the county on a permit allowing it.

“The county has been very good to us on developing,” she said. “At the present time, we have the fire department across the street from us. We have the sheriff … We’re a little fearful that you may require things that we can’t afford to do.”

Community Development Director Gilbert Alvarado told the council the city codes allow Stump to complete her project without needing an additional permit.

“The county’s development regulations don’t allow what she wants to do. Ours does,” he said. “I thought that would be pretty important for her to know and I conveyed that to her that night.”

Councilmember Dick Deane was confused about Stump’s problem, pointing out she already has city water and sewer and city codes seem to support her plans.

“Is there some emotional thing you have with the county and the city that is appearing?” he asked.

Stump said the county isn’t telling her about any problems with the plan,

Councilmember Brent Reese felt like there was some miscommunication, saying she might have missed something from Alvarado.

“I would suggest talking to him some more,” Reese said.

Deane supported the annexation, including Stump’s two pieces of property, which aren’t connected to city sewer and water. He said leaving an island on unincorporated land in the city creates problems.

“I’ve watched these annexations and these islands that occur in our community and then we live with them,” he said. “People move on and we’re stuck with trying to make a decision with what to do with them … I think this would be a prudent decision on part of the city council to include that entire area.”

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