National Award: Stormwater Center Video Looks at Runoff Treatment – News Release

National award: Stormwater center video looks at runoff treatment

PUYALLUP, Wash. – The Washington Stormwater Center (WSC) received a national award for a video ( about a low-cost treatment option for businesses managing heavy metals in their stormwater runoff. The top honor from the Water Environment Federation was in the innovative solution category.

The center ( is a collaboration between Washington State University and the University of Washington.

“Businesses need stormwater treatment devices that work,” said Lisa Rozmyn, WSC business resource program manager. “We hope this video will show people that effective stormwater treatment doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive and that they can build it themselves for very little money.”

The video, produced in conjunction with the Port of Vancouver’s Matt Graves and Mary Mattix, who invented the new bioretention method, details the process for removing zinc from stormwater runoff. Zinc, found in galvanized metal roofs, downspouts, tires, chain link fences and motor oil, contains toxins harmful to aquatic life and the environment.

The WSC provides tools to support municipalities, stormwater permittees and businesses in their efforts to control stormwater and protect water quality.


Lisa Rozmyn, Washington Stormwater Center,, 253-445-4552
Betsy Fradd, WSU Extension media coordinator,, 253-241-5043

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