Once again, WPPA is offering a seminar for newly elected or appointed port commissioners, as well as other commissioners who would like a refresher on important topics. The program provides an excellent summary of both the statutory powers of a port district and the commissioner’s role in exercising them.

As we have done the last couple of seminars, we are offering an agenda to give both new and current commissioners more opportunities in education. The first day will focus on the basics geared for the newly elected commissioners and second day will serve as a refresher course for current commissioners. Of course, registration is open to anyone who would benefit from any portion of the seminar.

Please encourage your new commissioners to attend! The State Auditor has ruled that local governments may cover education costs during the period between election and swearing-in, even if the election has not been certified.

Please Note: The New Commissioner Seminar is a separate registration from the Annual Meeting.


Tuesday November 17:
11:00 a.m.     Registration Opens

12:00 p.m.     Buffet Lunch and Opening Remarks

1:30    What Is A Port District And What Powers Does It Have?

2:15     What Is A Port Commissioner And What Is Their Role At A Port?

3:15     Break

3:30    Knowing the Waters: Legal Guidelines for Commissioners

5:00   Reception

Wednesday , November 18: 
9:00 a.m.   Understanding The Ethics Laws And How They Apply To You

10:00           Understanding Port Finances As A Commissioner

  • What to pay attention to and what to not worry about
  • Reading a financial report
  • Debt as a tool

10:45   Break

11:00 Roundtable Discussion of Issues, Questions on Your Mind

11:30 Adjourn

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