Port of Grandview commissioners approve purchase of steel building

October 1, 2014, Daily Sun News

During a special meeting on Tuesday, Port of Grandview commissioners completed the purchase of what will be an incubator for small businesses.


In July the port received a $193,000 grant/loan package from Yakima County’s Supporting Investments in Economic Development group.


Of that, $123,828 was approved yesterday to complete the purchase of a 3,000 square-foot steel building on Wallace Way.


Jim Sewell is one of the Grandview Port’s commissioners, and he said the next step will be to plan out improvements for the building so it can be outfitted as an incubator to help new business start-ups.


The hope is to provide a reasonably priced facility for starting up wineries, breweries, distilleries and/or juice producers to complement YVCC’s programs on the Grandview campus.


Sewell says the port is planning a retreat in Yakima on Monday, Oct. 27, and one of the subjects for discussion will be the new incubator building.


“It’s a step by step process,” says Sewell.


After the retreat, Sewell says one of the priorities for commissioners will be to seek bids for infrastructure changes to the building so it can serve as a new business incubator.


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