Port of Grapeview to Hold Public Hearing For 2015 Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement

Port of Grapeview to Hold Public Hearing to Adopt the 2015 Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement and Consider Implementation of an Industrial Development District

The Port of Grapeview Commission will hold a public hearing on a draft of their 2015 Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement  and establishing an Industrial Development District on June 30th at 7 p.m. at the Grapeview Community Center, 4350 E Grapeview Loop Rd, Grapeview, Washington.

A Comprehensive Scheme is required by Washington State Law that applies to Ports.  In order to spend any money on a planned capital program, the item must be included in a Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvement.

The draft scheme was prepared by the Commission’s Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC) and presented to the Commission for their preliminary review. The SPAC was created by the Commission and is made up of volunteer Grapeview residents. The Commissioner’s review of the draft has been completed and the draft must be presented to the public at a public hearing before adopting a resolution to amend the current Comp Scheme.

The draft Comprehensive Scheme addresses such issues as:

  • Refurbishing the boat ramp
  • Paving the parking lot
  • Installing permanent restroom facilities
  • Funding sources

It is available on our website at www.portofgrapeview.com.

In addition to the Comp Scheme, the Commissioners wish to gather input into the potential of creating an Industrial Development District.

The Port of Grapeview has the lowest tax base in Washington State.  The annual income from the tax levy is barely adequate to meet current expenses.

Title 53 (Port Districts) requires that before action is taken on an IDD, a Public Hearing must be held. The Port Commissioners request public participation in this important process.

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