Port of Kalama launches new logo and website

June 18, 2015, The Daily News

The Port of Kalama has launched a updated website and logo in effort to better showcase the industrial properties and recreational opportunities the port has to offer.


“This new site enhances our ability to communicate with both businesses and our local community, which is a key component of our public information strategy,” Randy Sweet, President of Port of Kalama’s commission, said in a press release. “The site helps to fulfill our mission as a public organization.”


The port paid about $35,000 to consultants to update the logo, redesign the website and rewrite copy for the website, www.portofkalama.com. The new logo features an image of a sail boat’s flag, similar to the old logo, but with different font and colors.


The back-end of the website was originally designed in 2003, and port spokeswoman Liz Newman said the port needed to update the antiquated content management system.


Also this month the port received the 2015 Pathways 2020 Community Champions Award for Economic Vitality. The award recognizes an organization’s work in creating jobs, maintaining employee wellness, skills and training, expanding business and transportation and reducing poverty among other economic development achievements.

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