Port of Lewiston Receives Non-Compliance Letter for Discharging Fill Material

By Sophie Miraglio,  August 1, 2013, KLEW

The Port of Lewiston could be subject to a large fine of up to $27,000 for their- quote- “non-compliance with the terms and conditions” of their dock extension permit.

A letter of non-compliance to the Port of Lewiston from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, states that approximately 600 cubic yards of fill material was discharged on or about June 19th. However, a mandatory condition for the $2.9 million dock extension permit, stated that all “in-river” work was to occur between July and September, not June because of the endangered salmon species.

“There are protected aquatic species in our river, the salmon and steelhead, and there is a time frame where in water work is least harmful to the fish, in that particular location,” said U.S Army of Corps of Engineers Spokeswoman, Gina Baltrusch.

The corps is planning to meet with the Port of Lewiston to gather more information about the discharge and determine the penalties, if any. Port of Lewiston, General Manager David Doeringsfeld was unavailable for comment.

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