Port of Olympia Loads 1,000th Rail Car This Year

By Rolf Boone, December 20, 2013, The Olympian

The Port of Olympia has loaded 1,000 rail cars this year, or an average of 85 per month, which breaks the previous record of 878 cars set in 2004.

This year’s total also is triple the number of cars loaded in 2012.

Lonshore hours also have reached a new record, rising to 68,000, more than double the number of longshore hours from 2012.

The previous record for longshore hours — also in 2004 — was 59,000.

The rail cars are being loaded with a product imported from China known as ceramic proppants, a sand-like material that is used in the oil fracking process.

The proppants are poured into hopper cars and then transported to the oil exploration areas of North Dakota.

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