Port of Pasco Agrees to New Lease with Green Power

By Emily Bowman, February 14, 2013

The Port of Pasco plans to give Green Power another shot as a tenant.

Green Power CEO Michael Spitzauer proposed Thursday another lease agreement to port commissioners to avoid eviction.

The port agreed to a pre-paid six-month lease and received the $233,000 judgment that was awarded to the port in December, totaling $469,000. The bio-fuels company will also have 20 days to clean up any unsafe building conditions.

“If it turns out with the additional deposit money, when the time comes that our relationship expires with green power, we have additional dollars to address all of the matters we feel are before us,” said Jim Toomey with the Port of Pasco.

The new agreement also contains a stipulation clause that will speed up the eviction process if Spitzauer fails to meet the new terms.

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