Port of Seattle honors three airlines for being quiet

August 21, 2014, Tukwila Reporter

The Port of Seattle is honoring three airlines with their annual Fly Quiet Awards for adopting noise-reduction procedures in 2013 at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


Alaska Airlines, Virgin America and Air Canada Jazz received top honors for their efforts to minimize the impacts of aircraft noise on local communities, according to a Port of Seattle news release.


“We applaud our award-winning airline partners for choosing quieter aircraft and adhering to flight paths that minimize the impact of noise on Sea-Tac Airport communities,” said Mark Reis, managing director of Sea-Tac Airport. “This exemplifies airline commitments to being good neighbors.”


Here are the winners, as described in the news release:


Fly Quiet Bravo Award – Alaska Airlines


Alaska Airlines earns the distinction of being the quietest airline among the top five carriers at Sea-Tac for the third year in a row. Alaska flies a modern, quiet fleet of Boeing 737s and consistently outperforms other airlines in adhering to Sea-Tac’s noise abatement flight procedures. In partnership with the port and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Alaska is implementing the Greener Skies Initiative to develop quieter and more fuel- efficient approaches into Sea-Tac Airport.


Fly Quiet Award – Virgin America


With their fourth Fly Quiet Award since starting Sea-Tac service in 2008, Virgin America claims the role of the quietest airline among all other Sea-Tac jet carriers with at least 1,000 annual flights. The airline operates the quiet, modern Airbus A320 and complies with existing noise abatement flight procedures.


Fly Quiet Regional Airline Award – Air Canada Jazz


Air Canada Jazz, a five-time award winner, consistently excels as the quietest airline among all of the regional jet carriers at Sea-Tac. This successful track record results from a fleet of quiet, modern Canadair Regional Jets (CRJ) and rigorous adherence to noise abatement flight procedures.


In 2005, the Fly Quiet Awards were developed to recognize airlines working to increase airline and pilot awareness of the community impacts of jet noise, according to the Port of Seattle.


Fly Quiet Award criteria include:


• Compliance with noise abatement flight paths as indicated on the airport’s flight tracking system


• Overall noise level of the airline’s operations and


• Adherence with engine testing procedures.

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