Port of Silverdale Looking to Add Another Pier

By Leslie Kelly, May 23, 2014, Bremerton Patriot

The Port of Silverdale has applied for a state grant that will cover half the cost of adding a pier for non-motorized watercraft to the Old Town waterfront along Dye’s Inlet.


As a part of that process, port officials are seeking an enforcement from the Central Kitsap Community Council for the new pier.


Port attorney Phil Best spoke to the council this week and asked for a letter of support.


“This is a competitive grant process and part of what we will be judged on is the support we have in the community for this project,” Best said.


Best explained that the grant, which comes through the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, would cover half the cost of the $450,000 project. The project will include removal of beach rubble, large pieces of concrete at the end of Pacific Avenue NW, and restore the beach to its natural sand and rock.


Following that, the area will be graded and public amenities added, such as a picnic area. Noxious weeds will be removed from the wetland and then a pier and float for use by people using sailboats, rowing shells, kayaks, paddle boards, and canoes will be designed, permitted and constructed going south across the beach and into the water. It will run parallel from the pier that now exists and serves motorized boats.


The grant comes from the aquatic land enhancement account of the recreation and conservation office of the Department of Natural Resources, Best said. Silverdale is applying for $225,000, and if the port receives the grant, has the matching $225,000 in hand to fund the project.


It’s something that’s needed at the waterfront, Best said.


“We have more folks sailing and kayaking and we think its important to keep them separate from the motor craft,” he said. “In fact, we are becoming a destination for rowers and rowing regattas because spectators can stand on the dock and have a better view of the races than just about anywhere around here.”


He added that the port plans to also increase the parking available in the area.


The grant application process deadlines in June and if the grant is awarded to the Port of Silverdale, the work could begin immediately.


The council voted to support the project and plans to send a letter stating such to the port for use in the grant application.

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