Port of South Whidbey Allows Phone-Ins

December 18, 2012, South Whidbey Record

Port of South Whidbey commissioners who can’t physically attend a meeting can now “call it in,” if the port president agrees and there is a quorum actually present at the meeting.

A bylaw change to that effect was approved last week by Port President Curt Gordon, Vice President Dennis Gregoire and Secretary Chris Jerome. Another condition is that the comments made by the commissioner meeting “telephonically” must be able to be heard by the other commissioners and the public.

A question about the procedure arose earlier this year when Jerome participated by phone while in Canada on a business trip. The bylaw change makes it clear that such participation is allowed.

In another bylaw change, the term of the port office holders was extended from one year to up to two years. Gordon, for example, could be elected president for another year in the January meeting.

A third bylaw change dumps the time restriction on the general workshop session preceding regular meetings. The time limit of “half hour” was removed.

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