Port Secures Tenant for Shipments to Alaska

By Rolf Boone, March 1, 2013, The Olympian

The Port of Olympia has secured its fourth tenant for the marine terminal, a business called PacArctic Logistics which will deliver a monthly shipment of general cargo to the Anchorage area.

The company, a subsidiary of Koniag Inc. of Kodiak, has signed a lease to use two acres of the port’s marine terminal, marine terminal director Jim Amador said.

The port will receive, store and load the cargo on behalf of the tenant, and then a barge will deliver the goods to Alaska, he said. The port lease takes effect in March and runs through the end of the year; lease terms were not disclosed.

The first barge is expected in April.

Amador said the company will be shipping “project-style cargo” to Alaska, including building materials or equipment for large construction and engineering firms. Prior to shipment, the equipment will be delivered to the port via truck and rail, he said.

Koniag is one of 13 Alaska Native Regional Corporations, established by congress under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, to settle the aboriginal land claims of Alaska Native people, according to its website.

Although the lease with the port runs only through the end of the year, Amador said he anticipates it will be renewed.

PacArctic is the port’s fourth marine terminal tenant. The others are Weyerhaeuser, which mainly ships logs to Japan; Pacific Lumber and Shipping, which also ships logs to Asia; and Rainbow Ceramics, a Houston and China-based company which exports ceramic proppants to the port. The proppants are then shipped on to the upper midwest for use in oil and gas exploration.

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