Port, the Pybus Key

The Wenatchee World Editorial Board, May 11, 2013, The Wenatchee World

Amid the wonder and celebration with the opening of the new Pybus Public Market, it would be horribly remiss not to acknowledge and praise the contributions of the Port of Chelan County. It was the port that had the foresight to act, even in the depths of recession, even in a city drowning in financial crisis and full of skeptics. It was the port that commissioned the studies, and piqued interest in the rusty-but-well-placed Morse Steel property. It was the port that purchased the property for $1.33 million, that hired the consultants, that mulled the possibilities, that took the city grant and attracted the public attention, and eventually made it possible to arrange a deal with Mike and JoAnn Walker that brought the project to fruition. All this was done, almost miraculously, with minimal public risk … and as we can see, great gains.

Looking at the market now, it is difficult to remember the situation in 2010, when the port took an interest in the old foundry at the foot of Orondo Avenue. What we have now sounded impossible then, but the port made it possible, and that should never be overlooked.

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