Annual Meeting 2017 Presentations

November 15, 2017

Trade and Transportation Committee Meeting
FMSIB Update
B. Ziegler

The Value of the Great Northern Corridor
Curtis Shuck

Marina Committee Meeting

Vessel Impoundment – Procedure – Forfeiture
W. Alonzo, R. Norton, Sgt. B. Noel

Legal Committee Meeting

Round II of the Oil Wars – Substantive SEPA and DOE
Jon Sitkin, Chmelik Sitkin & Davis

Port of Kalama
Brent Carson, Van Ness Feldman

Executive Session Guidance – Draft
Frank Chmelik, Chmelik Sitkin & Davis

Economic Development Committee Meeting

Ports of
Jim Rothlin

Inventory Programs and Site Selection
M. Chen and T. Johnson, Mackenzie

November 16, 2017

How Housing is Affecting our Economy
Matthew Gardner, Windemere Real Estate

How High-Tech Vehicles Will Change our Transportation System

The Future of Transportation
Steve Marshall, City of Bellevue

Preview of Action Plan for Automated Vehicles in City of SeaTac, WA
John Niles, Center for Advanced Transportation and Energy Solutions (CATES)

Port Reports

Port of Columbia – Jennie Dickinson
Port of Everett – Les Reardanz
Port of Kingston – Jim Pivarnik

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