Protestors planning to block docking of ship at Ports of Tacoma and Seattle

By Rob Munoz, August 20, 2014, Kiro TV

A group of pro-Palestinian protestors are planning to block the docking of an Israeli-owned cargo ship at the Ports of Tacoma and Seattle.

A similar group of hundreds blocked a ship owned by the same company from docking at the Port of Oakland for three days in a row.

The group is calling the rally “Block the Boat Northwest,” and plan on blocking the ship ‘Zim Chicago’ in Tacoma on Wednesday and in Seattle on Thursday.

Their Facebook group already counts over 600 people as saying they are attending.

Zim is the largest Israeli shipping company, and their website counts themselves as a major international shipping partner.

According to marine tracking site ‘,’ the Zim Chicago is currently in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada.

Dock workers and truckers told KIRO 7 the action could stop traffic and prevent them from doing their jobs.

“It’s not going to only affect me for my living, it’s going to affect everyone else that counts on that material to go in and go out,” said truck driver Will Merrifield.

“If they want to protest, why don’t they go join the army and then fight a war?” he said.

KIRO 7 also reached out to protestors. So far, they have not responded.

KIRO 7 will monitor their developments and the route of the boats.

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