Request For Proposals – WPPA PNW Branding Project

Request For Proposals
WPPA PNW Branding Project


UPDATE!: We will be accepting proposals until Monday September 30th.

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September 11, 2013

Project Description:  The Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) is currently seeking requests for proposals to develop and deliver a branding campaign for the Pacific Northwest (PNW) Seaports.  Expanding on work that has been completed to date by the WPPA’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and working closely with that team, the selected firm would develop a brand that articulates the competitive advantages of PNW Seaports with respect to transportation and supply chain links for Pacific Rim Partners to North American Markets (miles, time, cost, value, benefit, efficiency, and sustainability).  It would also address the competitive advantages of PNW Seaports with respect to access for US Midwest and East Coast Markets to Pacific Rim Markets, specifically addressing the advantages over other North American West Coast, Gulf Coast, and East Coast options.

Consultant may gather information from relevant sources including the Washington Public Ports Association, as well as individual ports, with assistance from the Branding Working Group.

Project Deliverables:  Should include economic analysis/white paper detailing the competitive advantages and comparisons, high level talking points and key brand messaging, and collateral graphics, including map or maps, brand logo and fact sheet and other relevant social media platforms deemed appropriate.

Project Timeline:   Proposals must be received at the WPPA offices in Olympia no later than 4:30p September 23, 2013.  Project scoping and work plan development to be completed for presentation at November 20, 2013 WPPA Transportation and Infrastructure Committee meeting.  Research, Workshops (3) and Draft Development should be completed by the end of February 2014, for March presentation of draft final to the WPPA Transportation and Infrastructure Committee with a final presentation to PNW Seaports at WPPA Spring meeting in May 2014.

Proposals:  should include a suggested approach, costs, samples of similar projects and references.

Proposal Timeline:  Submission: Sept. 23, 2013; Finalist(s) selection and notification: October 11, 2013; Interviews:  October 23, 2013; Scope and Budget alignment: Nov. 1, 2013; Recommendation to WPPA Transportation and Infrastructure Committee: Nov. 8, 2013; Presentation to Committee: Nov. 20, 2013.

For More Information:  Ginger Eagle, WPPA staff,  360-943-0760 or  Curtis Shuck, Branding Project Lead, 360-518-5376.

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